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Alleyup let's you buyout the entire userbase of a failed competitor. Cheaper than acquiring their whole company!

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The case for takeover en masse


The other developer may have been a competitor. But now they're dead. Let's make peace--and pieces of gold.


You hoover up all their existing users. That's awesome. But it gets better: leave their title alive, then steal all the NEW downloads!


The other developer wants this to happen, and will do all the coding work. Their costs are all sunk. This is the best news they've heard in a while.

The AlleyUp Manifesto

Fossil fuels are so named from the decomposition of past carbon lifeforms into oil and gas. Similarly here, old and dead apps can be combusted into all-new energy for your business. It doesn't get any better than snaking users from your direct competitor--with their full and enthusiastic collusion.

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Platform is all CPA. Zero risk. All fossil fuels.

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