Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most commonly posed questions

How does this work?

Millions of manhours went into the App Store. Few survive as real businesses. Millions of titles continue to take up shelf space, garnering downloads every single day. Alleyup lets you buy all these downloads, which happen to be of the hightest theoretical quality, on a CPA basis.

Why'd they give up?

Because of you. No, seriously. In addition to selling products, services and/or ads, you may also sell stock. Every time you get a customer, your enterprise value goes up a little. These other guys don't have that lever. They hoped this shindig would pay their bills. It didn't.

How does the money work?

Lucky for you, pure CPA. Tell us whether you need shallow or deep user transfer, and we make it happen, using any attribution system you like. Once you confirm the quality, we revv the engines. Weekly billing cycle.

Say that again: you hand me the user for no money up front?

Exactly. It keeps everyone honest. Welcome them home. Monetize them. Everybody wins.

Ok so how much do you keep?

We negotiate with pubs. It's more than fair to them. Everybody wins.

That sounds generally reasonable, but can I tweak terms per source?

Of course, if it makes sense, it makes sense. The user means more to you than them. That's the core thesis.

How do I protect my brand from some other app's experience?

We verify the crap out of every partner. We insist on full code access most of the time.

What kind of conversion rates are you seeing?

High double digits. We take a meat cleaver to the other app. This isn't ads. This is complete takeover of the other app.

Ok I'm getting excited. How do I get started?

Just head on over to the contact section and drop us a line. Someone will be with you shortly.