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How does it work?

Frictionless coordination among all parties.

Reason 1—


Are you a chess title? This user just downloaded chess. Are you a fashion discovery app? The user just downloaded your dead rival.

Reason 2 —


These teams have given up. Helping you is their best move.

Reason 3 —


We can do a "shallow" handoff from the app's welcome sequence. Alternatively, we can provide a "deep" alleyoop, piping all relevant fields directly into your APIs.

Reason 4 —


Alleyup works on a strict CPA basis. You're guaranteed to win every time, with no exceptions, and no possibility of overspend. A win-win if there ever was.

Absorb the competition

Instead of dumping cash into legacy ad platforms, leverage AlleyUp's comprehensive, verified bench to rapidly takeover entire competitive userbases.

Total symbiosis

The promise of the App Store was huge. Now the dust has settled. It's time to work together to reorganize your whole category--in your favor.

Comprehensive Reporting

You’ll have access to real-time stats on everything.


Unlike ads, AlleyUp lets you acquire projects with $0 up front. It's all CPA, so everybody wins!

Optimize Execution

Driving delivery and increasing transparency is what we do. And our account team is here to help you do the same.

24/7 Project Support

Our project team provides 18-hour support, 6 days a week.